privacy policy

our do's and do not's with your data

postLit is currently only open to users ages 13 and up

this website is more of a proof-of-concept. sure, it's trying to become a social media, but it's just a 14-year-old's project.

there's a very small amount of information that we keep about you. for example, we don't collect your email address when you sign up. only a username and password are required- the bare minimum. however, every time you sign in or sign up, a token is created. the token is stored on your computer in the form of a cookie, and is what allows you to perform actions in your account without having to verify your username and password every time.

whenever a token is generated, the ip address from whoever is trying to sign on is saved with the token. we use that so we can detect if someone is hacking onto your account, and ban them from accessing the website, for the safety of other users. it's generally impossible for anyone to learn your identity and exact address with just your ip address, and it's only viewable by database administrators. we also use "plausible" for analytics. people such as our image hosting site (cloudinary) will also be used for fetching images for profile pictures, banners, and photos in posts.

with your recovery email, it is saved in our database. we only use it for getting in touch with you, sending you a password reset link, and other alerts. we don't share it with anybody else.

this site is still in beta, and is constantly being changed throughout its development. this documentation will be changing with it.

last updated: december 10th, 2022